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Our top news on interior design and decoration, learn the very best skills direct from us and join in the fun.

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Sometimes just a lick of paint isn't enough when painting & decorating, a new colour may be the answer.

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Want help on creating that special but stylish interior design, then we have all the answers.

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Sometimes in this tough retail environment, minor changes aren't enough. Transform may be the solution.

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Keeping intenal properties in clean order, usually requires a maintenance plan. Something we specialise in finding.


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Decorators and water based paints苹果电玩城平台平台

So there’s a big thing on water based paints and the environment in 2019, the big brands Dulux, Crown and Johnsons are all developing water based paints that are better for the environment […]

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High Quality Kitchen Fitter Partnership苹果电玩城客户端官方

We don’t seem to blog that often, but when we do you know that it is important. Today we want to talk about the important partnership with high quality kitchen fitters ATB Renovations, […]

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Our Interior Decorations website was created with a view of helping and providing expert advice, help and support to everyone looking to improve their home or business. The E & F Group website is a multi disciplined group of online companies operating within the shopfitting and fitting out decorating environment, encompassing shopfitting, fitting out, carpentry & joinery, electrical, painting & decoration, property maintenance divisions. Along with providing top information and news, on stylish interior design and our superb retail fixturing, to improve those high shops. Our painters and decorators that have worked in the shopfitting and fitting out divisions carry out projects ranging from maintenance through to multi million pound projects. Therefore providing the very best advice on the latest trends to choose from. The electrical division compliments closely with the other group members and is contracted within the industry on maintenance through to industrial and commercial installations.